Picture 2

Hana during her Transformation.

Hana Chiba

Hana is officially the 9th member to join the Cherry Blossom shadows team, followed by her younger sister Kiichigo, not too long after. She was a young model when the series began, and her sister was looked after in a daycare. Being an orphan, Hana is exceptionally kind and forgiving, but scarred perminantly by her past. She appears mean to Sakura and Kumori at the beginning of the story when they first meet her, but becomes good friends with them when she gets to know them and gets used to her powers. She was scared of her powers when she first got them, and was keeping it secret from Kiichigo, but when Kiichigo transformed unintentionally when a small boy was tormenting her, Hana had no choice but to explain everything.

Hana's personality after joining the team is slightly shy, but cheerful and optomistic when she's happy, but slightly pessimistic when she's miserable. A common expression for her is the 'Blink Blink Face', which she puts on, often with Kiichigo stood next to her joining in, whenever something she may thing as weird, disturbing or embarrassing has been said, or if she doesn't understand something.

Hana's Personality

Hana is generally a nice-to-everyone kind of person. She can be a little clumsy and not understand things often as well as putting on her Blink Blink Face whenever she is confused, embarrassed or in a strange mood. She could easily be called the Moë character of the anime, due to her general klutziness and fashion-model body figure.

Secret Meanings

Her given name, Hana means petal which is equivalent to blossom in the the name of the anime, Cherry Blossom Shadows. (Sakura meaning cherry/cherry blossom and Kumori meaning shadows)

Her outfit was designed to fit with her sister, Kiichigo's, as both of them have only the colours yellow, blue and pink in their outfit, hair and eye colours.


Hana's pendant is the yellow one and it has a gold edge. Even though her outfit contains mainly three colours, she has a yellow pendant because Kumori is pink and Sakura is blue.
Picture 3

Hana wearing her pendant at the start of her transformation.

Kiichigo has a orange pendant with a gold edge, which is very similar to Hana's but not quite the same. Even though this colour doesn't match Kiichigo's transformed colour scheme very well, it goes with her hair colour before her transformation, which could be described as ginger.


In Hana's transformation a sparkly orange and pink animated background is used. First, her skin tone turns pink and at the begining no facial features except her nose are visible. You see her spinning around across the screen, and then she slides onto the screen from the left (Close up on her face) and there is a flash and the front part of her hair turns blue and her blue eyes become visible, then her large pink ribbon appears. Then there is a full body shot of her, slightly tilted sideways. She holds her hands to her heart and you can see a small swirl of pink light, then she moves her hands back down to her sides and pink light covers her body when her top, shorts and gloves should be, the light then fades away as lots of O shaped loops of light appear and you can see her clothes. Then you see her head from the side and the camera scrolls al the way down her body to her feet. It then stops and goes back up, scrolling up her leg as a small cluster of sparkles cover her leg with pink light, then her boot appears and the sparkles vanish. It then flips to a full body shot of her sideways for a short amount of time. Then you see her spinning around and around with all of her clothes on, the camera scrolls from her feet to her head and then she spins across the screen horizontally. The second-to-last shot is of her whole body from the front again, the pink light comes on from the edge of the screen and makes each of her puffed sleeves appear one at a time. The very last part shows two quick scrolls across her body and then her ending pose. (All on a different background. Which is pink, orange and white swirls.)thumb|400px|right